Walt Mossberg: Apple Is Like a Movie Studio

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MacCityNet, an Italian Apple-focused site, has posted a video interview with The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg. A lot of the interview won't be revelatory to long-term Apple observers, but there was one comment from Mr. Mossberg I thought particularly astute. He was asked about innovation at Apple, and at the 3 minute, 50 second mark, he said, "Apple is a company that’s a little bit like a Movie studio, it needs to come up with big new hits every few years and so things like wearable computing and the rumored IWatch, things like reinventing television which we know they’re working on." That's a great analogy and an accurate assessment. The questions are asked in Italian with English subtitles, or you can read the English version of the interview at MacCityNet.


Check It Out: Walt Mossberg: Apple Is Like a Movie Studio

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John Dingler, artist

Apple is a less interesting company even if it releases dynamite devices/services if the top evangelist, Cook, drones on like a bean counting bookkeeper and a manager focused on shareholder value, the exact wrong thing for Apple. That sort of corporate view belongs at MS, so I think that Cook belongs there. He needs to be replaced with an evangelist who can poke the competition in the eye just because it’s fun because it will generate news articles. It’s Apple’s staid and respectable MO that bothers me.

Phil Schiller seems the closest inside Apple.

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