When Apple Maps Glitches Get Viewed as Art

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What happens when you see glitches in Apple Maps not as a bug, but as art? Perry Norrby of Trapcode has done just that, gathering a lot of images from Apple Maps that look more like surrealist art than a screenshots from a mapping app (see below). Better yet, the folk at WebUrbanist spotted the collection of images on Flickr. They also added a couple of images from Google Maps. Check it out. Thanks to TMO member Lee Dronick for the heads up.


Check It Out: When Apple Maps Glitches Get Viewed as Art

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Lee Dronick

I like the look of this stuff and it is sort of like the toss photography I had been messing around with. [url=http://www.dronick.com/toss_photos/index.shtml]http://www.dronick.com/toss_photos/index.shtml  [/url]

Lee Dronick

I messed up the code for that link, try this


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