Word Crimes: Battle Hymn of the Literate

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Parody and satire musical artist Weird Al Yankovic has been rolling out videos for his just released album, and his latest, titled "Word Crimes," is nothing short of a call to arms for the grammatically inclined. It's so good (or at least fun) that it ought to be required viewing for all english classes. Start watching because there will be a quiz.


Check It Out: Word Crimes: Battle Hymn of the Literate

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Lee Dronick

Spot on, fire for effect! Or is that affect?


That is wonderful. I’d say more but someone would find an error in what I wrote.

Lee Dronick

ITunes University offers English courses, they don’t cost nuttin.

Bryan Chaffin

I’m enjoying Weird Al’s new work, especially the fact that he’s bothered to make awesome videos. as a musician, I particularly appreciated how this spoof captures the controlled-chaos aspect of the Pharrell-produced “Blurred Lines.” There’s a lot going on in both tunes, and Weird Al clearly worked hard on it.

His riff on Pharrell’s Happy is also fantastic. It’s called “Tacky” and is a one-shotter with great cameos.

Lee Dronick

Yes he is very talented and obviously has a lot fun doing his work.


That is just excellent. Thank you.



Loved it even without being familiar with “Blurred Lines.” (Yes, I live under a rock.) Any video that mentions the Oxford comma get’s a thumb’s up in my book!

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