Yahoo! Introduces New Weather App for iPhone

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With rumors that Apple and Yahoo! are talking about working more closely with one another, it seemed a good time to look at Yahoo!'s newest iOS app. Yahoo! Weather offers a photography-centric view of current weather conditions and forecast information. The app shows local images of the locations you are checking, and it displays weather information with a minimalist approach. We particularly like the font. It's free, and it's available now on the App Store.


Check It Out: Yahoo! Introduces New Weather App for iPhone

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That is nice. I just installed it.
It was funny; the first photo that appeared for my town (Rochester, NY) was an old railroad swing bridge in the middle of the Genesee River that was just demolished.
Really slick app though.


This is much better than the Apple-supplied-and-undeletable weather app; also by Yahoo.

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