Yojimbo 4 gets Serious about Syncing

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Yojimbo 4 from Bare Bones Software is out, and the information organization app brings with it a long awaited feature: real and serious sync support. Version 4 includes its own subscription sync service that doesn't rely on Apple's iCloud, and since all your data is stored locally it doesn't require syncing for one-Mac users. Version 4 also includes Retina Display support, which is another welcome change for Retina MacBook Pro owners. Yojimbo 4 requires OS X 10.8.2 or newer and is priced at US$30, which is $9 cheaper than Yojimbo 3. Sync subscriptions are priced at $2.99 a month and include a 30 day free trial. You can download Yojimbo 4 at the Bare Bones website.


Check It Out: Yojimbo 4 gets Serious about Syncing

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Seems to me they just “punted” on this one. With no compelling new features and $2.99/mo for sync this is an offer to, “Please consider other solutions such as Evernote, as this is just about the last gasp for our venerable, useful, but now ‘boxed in a corner’ Yojimbo.” I have a huge Yojimbo database and am not looking forward to editing, parsing and exporting it at some point.

Yojimbo is dead; long live Yojimbo and all that…


If they think this is the answer I’ve been waiting for they are wrong. Paying any monthly fee on top of my iCloud fee is a nonstarter. Goodbye Yojimbo.


Presumably if you used this service, you wouldn’t need iCloud.

I have on Mac and one iPad. There is a separate ($10) iPad app, so I am wondering if I would have to pay the monthly fee at all, since I would be syncing with my iMac. Anything to avoid the dreadful song and dance of using iTunes exclusively to sync photos and videos on my iMac.

If anyone knows the answer to that, please respond. I don’t want to spend $40 just to find out it doesn’t work.


I would do the upgrade if I could sync at home on WiFi. My laptop and desktop are together every evening and this would be sweet.

Why would I need to sync more frequently if I only use one-or-other?

I think BB missed the plot here. After all, they already do this for iPad version.

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