ACM 200: The Long One with Guests & Apple Predictions

It's the 200th episode of the Apple Context Machine, and while Jeff and Bryan really tried to put together just another episode, they kept getting interrupted by tech industry luminaries sharing their thoughts on what's in store for Apple. The list of anniversary episode guests included Dave Hamilton, Bob LeVitus, Ricky Spero, Gene Steinberg, and Peter Cohen. Warning: This is a long one.

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Apple Context Machine episode 200. No kidding!

Show Guests (We also asked for their top iOS apps)

Dave Hamilton Dave co-founded both The Mac Observer and BackBeat Media, and he is producer and co-host of TMO's Mac Geek Gab Podcast. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveHamilton.

Top three iOS apps:

Bob Levitus Bob is frequently referred to as "Dr. Mac," and is considered a leading authority on Apple products, the Macintosh, and Mac OS X. He's been one of the Mac community's trusted gurus for almost twenty five years and is known for his trademark humorous style and ability to translate "techie" jargon into usable and fun advice for regular folks. He has written or co-written more than 60 popular computer books, which have sold more than two million copies worldwide in at least a dozen languages. He is also a columnist for the Houston Chronicle, and have been since 1996, penning its popular Dr. Mac column every Tuesday. He's also a columnist and product reviewer for The Mac Observer. You can follow Bob on Twitter at @LeVitus.

Bob's microphone for the show was the Spark Digital from Blue.

Top three five iOS apps:

Ricky Spero Ricky started the Apple Context Machine years ago as The Mac Observer Weekly Roundup, which later became Apple Weekly Report, and the Apple Context Machine. He left to pursue a career in physics, and now is Doctor Ricky with is own high tech business.

Top three iOS apps:

Gene Steinberg Gene is an award-winning journalist who first discovered the magic of writing while still a teenager. He edited his own science fiction and New Age fanzine, and began writing a science fiction novel about an Earth man who finds himself in an unknown land faced with life-threatening situations. In 1984 Gene began to work on the original Apple Macintosh personal computer and never looked back. Over the next few years, Gene finally decided to follow his dream and become a full-time writer, but he also devoted extra time to work as a computer software/systems consultant partly to provide material for his books and magazine articles. Gene has written over 30 books on computers and the Internet, plus hundreds of articles for such industry publications (online and print) as CNET, ZDNet, Laptop magazine, MacAddict, MacHome, MacUser, Macworld and Computer Shopper. You can follow Gene on Twitter at @technightowl.

Top three iOS apps:

Peter Cohen Peter founded MacGaming, which later became part of MacCentral and then Macworld. After leaving Macworld he join The Loop as executive editor and also writes for online and print publications including Mac|Life, MacFormat, MacUser (UK), Tap!, and now iMore. Peter is also an accomplished podcaster. He is co-host and co-founder of Angry Mac Bastards, and is also frequently featured on other podcasts such as MacJury, iGame Radio, the Tech Night Owl Live, International Mac Podcast, TUAW Talkcast and many others. You can follow Peter on Twitter at @flargh.

Top three iOS apps: