ACM 209: Apple’s Ebook Trial with Philip Elmer-Dewitt

| Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple wrapped up its arguments in the Department of Justice ebook price fixing trial against it on Wednesday, so Jeff and Bryan asked Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt to join in and share his thoughts on the case after spending nearly every day of the three-week event in the courtroom. His take on the outcome? You'll have to listen to find out.

ACM 209: Apple’s Ebook Trial with Philip Elmer-Dewitt

Jun. 19, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)



What the whole discussion reveals to me is that Eric Holder is an incompetent boob if he allowed the DoJ to listen and act on Amazon’s complaint about collusion against them without ever noticing “Hey, wait a minute.  This is not some mom and pop store we’re protecting, it’s the largest eBook retailer in the country with a 90% share!  Maybe we should do a little background research and find out if Amazon is really the helpless innocent that it claims to be.” 

I mean are the idiots over at the DoJ the only people in America who never ever noticed that Amazon has been wielding enormous market power, steamrolling competitors and vendors left and right?

And that’s not the DoJ’s only dumb move these last few months.


It doesn’t matter if “Amazon is really the helpless innocent that it claims to be,” or not, Aardman.  The charge was price-fixing, not bullying.  Let the Court sort it out, before you render your ‘verdict.’


No iJack, the resources of the DoJ are limited, they should be judicious about cases they litigate.  If they did their homework properly, they would have uncovered all these things in discovery and probably would have thought twice about going to court.  The entire context of the case:  new entrant trying to break into industry where incumbent holds 90%, should have made them stop and think and learn what’s really going on.

As I said, everyone at the DoJ is coming off as boobs.  They applied an economic model of monopolistic entry into a competitive industry to a situation where the industry is a near monopoly.  Seems everyone noticed the competitive landscape in the eBook industry, exceot the DoJ.

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