ACM 245: Apple Shareholders, Global Expansion, and Court Oopsies

| Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple's shareholders got to see the angry side of CEO Tim Cook at the company's annual meeting last week, the company is hiring engineers outside the United States, which should have competitors worried, and CFO Peter Oppenheimer is retiring. Apple also has to deal with a bug legal fumble because it accidentally released the same confidential documents Samsung got in trouble over sharing. Jeff and Bryan take a look at all three topics, and try to deal with the realization that they fell out of the linear time stream.

ACM 245: Apple Shareholders, Global Expansion, and Court Oopsies

Mar. 5, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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Rogifan 1

Sorry Bryan, did not appreciate your characterization of Tim Cook’s comments at Apple’s shareholders meeting. Jim Dalrymple provided full quotes from Cook and he certainly didn’t come across as angry as you suggested. The way both you and this activist group misrepresented events has the media claiming Cook told global warming skeptics to get out of the stock. And that just didn’t happen.

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