Mac Geek Gab #183: Expo Attendance Tips, Wireless Safety, Disk Buffers, and a Full Desktop

In this final show of the year before heading off to San Francisco for Macworld Expo, John and Dave start by sharing the tips that they -- and you! -- have acquired over the years attending trade shows. Listen for advice from the pros on how to survive the big week! Then it's on to questions, including topics such as wireless safety, disk buffers, large desktop folders, and more!

Mac Geek Gab #183: Expo Attendance Tips, Wireless Safety, Disk Buffers, and a Full Desktop

Dec. 30, 2008 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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J. Charles Holt

In your last podcast you discussed your problem with dropouts and I thought I’d mention one of the most useful Terminal commands for troubleshooting that I know: fs_usage. By typing “sudo fs_usage” at the command line, you can see all disk activity listed by process, as it happens. You can also pair it up with grep to to see only activity of a certain task. For example, “sudo fs_usage | grep Safari” will show you only the disk activity that Safari is generating, showing both reads and writes. You might be able to use it to find out specifically what is happening when your dropouts occur.

Thanks for the show, and have fun at MacWorld!


Hmmm…this one causes my Ipod 5g to hard reset everytime, about 4 seconds in. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the file. It plays fine in both Itunes and on my Iphone. What’s up with that?


Same problem as blocktek. My ipod crashes into both this podcast, #184, and #185. No other podcasts appear to have problems.

I did a full restore on the ipod and experience the same problem.


I actually saw Dave and John at MacWorld yesterday doing the podcast. In the course of the show they mentioned that there had been a problem with encoding these shows…something about mono encoding, particular to the 5g Ipod, and that it had been fixed. Haven’t tried it yet.

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