Mac Geek Gab #189: Macs and TV, File Sharing, and Networking

John and Dave answer your questions, solve your problems, and share your tips! This episode has them talking through converting video files, watching your Mac on TV (yep!), some file sharing for both Macs and Windows, and lots more. Subscribe today for free!

Mac Geek Gab #189: Macs and TV, File Sharing, and Networking

Jan. 27, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Chris Sauer

A comment on the MacBook to Plasm connection. I think the listener was on the right track. Since DVI is essentially the same as HDMI I would recommend sticking with the digital signal and just use a cable made for Mini-DVI to HDMI. Forget about going to the full size DVI connection. The adapter in the link is about $20.

Great Show! I love listening and learning about Macs!

Chris Sauer

Hey again, I would buy the Mini-DVI to HDMI adapter from . I have purchased cables form them and highly recommend there quality, price and reliability.


Regarding JR from England, who was having a problem sharing with WiFi using his Mac and a Linksys WRT300N, but not when connected via ethernet.

I am wondering if he turned on AP Isolation in advanced Wireless settings?

> AP Isolation This isolates all wireless clients and wireless
> devices on your network from each other. Wireless devices
> will be able to communicate with the Router but not with
> each other. To use this function, select Enable. AP Isolation
> is on Disable by default.

It’s a bit of a long shot, but it might explain why he can get file sharing working with ethernet connections but not when the MacBook is connected via WiFi.

The user manual for the Linksys router is here:,0.pdf


I have a Macbook Pro Core Duo running Leopard.  I can connect it to my Panasonic Viera Plasma and get a beautiful picture with an HDMI cable.  However I cannot get sound.  I have a cable with the headphone jack on one end and the red and white connectors on the other end.  I have plugged it into various audio outlets on the back to no avail.  Any suggestions on getting sound to my TV?


Never mind the AP isolation comment - that would only be true if both machines were on WiFi. Since one is ethernet, that leaves AP isolation off as a cause. I just didn’t listen carefully enough; sorry.

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