Mac Geek Gab #192: Time Machine, QoS, Drobo, Syncing, DVDs, Dock Hiding and More

John and Dave are here delivering all kinds of stuff today. A quick follow-up on the Drobo, including some listener tips, then some Time Machine discussion, which leads into listener questions about DVDs, Quality of Service, hiding the Dock, and more. Subscribe for free today and don't miss another episode!

Mac Geek Gab #192: Time Machine, QoS, Drobo, Syncing, DVDs, Dock Hiding and More

Feb. 16, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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I love the podcast. But umm. It’s becoming the time machine/drobo show. Guys?


DVD regions.  You were partly wrong about this.  You *can* change or play DVD regions as many times as you want in software (vla VLC or whatever) if, and only if, your drive behaves as a RPC1 drive.  All drives since 2000 are now RPC2 where the drive itself contains the number of swicthes between regions.  Once you hit 5, you need to get a new drive (or re-flash the ROM).  The version of VLC does not matter.

When I got my macbook (Core duo) it came with a UJ-865 (RPC 2) drive which I could only change a maximum of 5 times.  After that, it wouldn’t change again.  I managed to find on the web a site that contained a version of the ROM for this drive which converted it to RPC1.  I now can play and switch between regions to my heart’s content.
However, this is not for the faint of heart.  Things may go wrong and then you’re “SOL”.  The easiest/safest way to get around this problem is, unfortunately, to by a simple USB DVD ROM and use that one for R1 playback and the internal one for R2.


You forgot to include a link to the TimeMachineEditor (

Otherwise, good work! smile

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