MGG #201: Cool Stuff Found, Booting, Wireless, Upgrades, USB, and More

John and Dave do their best tonight to keep up with the overflowing mailbag by answering your questions and sharing your tips about wireless access, booting from external drives, RAM upgrades, USB devices, and fixing Time Machine bundles. Also some cool stuff found, including Pogoplug, Runcore SSD drives, Fission, Hazel and arsync!

MGG #201: Cool Stuff Found, Booting, Wireless, Upgrades, USB, and More

May. 4, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Hi John and Dave-

On Mac Geek Gab #201, you ended the show with a question from a listener who wanted to know if his older Airport Extreme is covered by the Apple Care Warranty. The answer is YES. Just last week I brought my Airport Extreme to the Apple Store because my wireless signal kept dropping, and I wanted them to check it out. Since they no longer make that model, they couldn’t check it, but they did tell me since I have Apple Care they could send it back to Apple and get me a refurbished Airport Extreme. The trade had to be “apples” to “apples”, so to speak wink, in other words, the refurb would be the older model. In the mean time I bought the latest Airport Extreme, and will keep the refurbished unit as a back up.

As a side note, in the summer of 2005 I bought an iBook. In early 2006 the Airport Extreme I had at that time died. I brought it to the Apple Store, and they gave me a NEW Extreme, because it was considered under warranty along with my iBook. I didn’t have Apple Care at that time. So I believe the rule is, if you have Apple Care, the Extreme is covered, or if you purchase a computer without Apple Care the Extreme is covered for the same one year period as the computer.

Thanks for the show-keep up the good work! Glad there was a question I could finally answer!


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