MGG 431: A Geek In The Doghouse

This week your two favorite geeks dig right in to help you solve all your problems (well, Mac and iOS problems that is!). They discuss managing Microsoft Word templates, solving a wacky Mountain Lion issue, helping a listener with off-brand printer cartridges, and rant about iTunes, media sharing, Plex and Apple TV. Then it's on to some keychain issues, with John and Dave talking through just what it takes to keep your OS X keychain running smoothly. There's Cool Stuff Found and some tips peppered in, as well... Good stuff here, folks. Download, press play, and enjoy!

MGG 431: A Geek In The Doghouse

Jan. 6, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Although your podcasts are created on Sunday and are available on the Internet on Monday, I’m never able to download them to either Downcast or the Apple Podcast app until Tuesday. Can you explain?

Jeff Miller

1. One of the features of iTunes Match seldom mentioned is that basically you’re music is totally backed up.  That alone can make the $25 annual fee worth it if you have a large collection.

2. The think really missing from iTunes is the actual streaming of your iTunes library. While you can get your songs at any time, it is difficult to manage on iOS.  I realize that while you are home you can connect to your iTunes library to stream to iOS devices, it is a couple step process every time you do it and wait for it to connect.

Recently Google Music is also doing music matching to some extent.  That is it can read your iTunes library (or any music folder) and can make available for streaming.  Up to 20,000 songs for free.  My library of 13,000 + songs (all legally owned) was fully made available on their service within a day or two.  They now check to see if they already have the song available, and so only upload if they do not have it.

The web app is decent enough, but I ended up buying gMusic for $1.99 since Google does not yet have an iOS app for this service.  I’ve found the service is very responsive and the songs are played back at 320Kbps which is better than iTunes Match and free.

Clive Hammett

Hi guys
Great show this week. I think i may have found the solution to your streaming problems. Tunespan (in the mac app store)claims to move parts of your itunes library to another drive. I have not bought this yet but am tempted. I will let you know my results when i purchase it.

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