MGG 434: The Calm Before The Storm

Dave and John have a full line-up tonight ... of your questions, tips, hints and Cool Stuff Found. Highlights include managing a large iPhoto library, buying the right router, and a quick iOS tip to get to your drafts folder. All this and more, right here for you. Download today, press play, and enjoy!

MGG 434: The Calm Before The Storm

Jan. 27, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


Sponsor: Squarespace. Go to and click “enter an offer code” under the pricing and put in the mgg1.

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Greg from LA

The best app delete cleaner I found is this one.  It’s awesome!
It actually can log everything you install so you it will know where most stuff is that it installed.  It

Also, I think if you want to delete apps that are bought in the app store you just go to launchpad and make it do the wiggle dance and then delete the app.  You shouldn’t have to go to the containers folder as this should way should remove it.

Also, many installer come with an uninstaller.

Last option is go to the website and see how to manually uninstall it as they usually have the documentation on the website for apps that are not purchased in the app store.


Did I miss something or did you not talk about managing a large iPhoto library? I read that in the teaser and it sparked my attention.


I think they may have talked about using the app iPhone Library Manager.  I highly recommend that app.  Good stuff.

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