MGG 452: Charged and Dry

Dave and John bring a special guest into the studio today to talk about waterproof iPhone cases — a perfect topic as you plan your water-centric summer getaways! Along with that, of course, it's questions and tips from and for you, dear listener. Why not join your two favorite geeks for a chat? Download today, it's free!

MGG 452: Charged and Dry

Jun. 3, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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iPhone Battery Issue:
My old 3GS iPhone began to quit suddenly as described by the person who submitted the question.  I experienced all the same symptoms and was at a loss until I read a forum post (can’t remember which forum) that suggested replacing the battery following the instruction on the iFixit site.

I highly recommend the iFixit solution for iPhone battery replacement.  The cost was $19.95, they send you the special tools you need and the web site has a detailed visual instruction of how to open, replace and refit the phone. Very easy and once completed the phone works like new.

In fact I took out the sim card to make it an iTouch for my wife who uses it to play music and listen to podcasts.

The surprising aspect of the battery replacement was how dirty it was inside the phone.  It was simply amazing how much fine dust had accumulated inside the phone case.


I have the same issue with my iphone 5 battery.  I think Dave is right, that it may be a bad cell.  It seems to sometimes shutdown the phone at 42 percent, and it seems it’s always that same percentage when it shuts down with no warning.  When I put it back on the charger it starts up with it at 42 percent. 

I called apple care today and told them I tried everything, and they are going to ship me a new phone in the mail.  Although the iOS test passed they had me run though the browser they are shipping me a new phone.  I’m surprised they don’t just swap the battery out in the store, buy hey a new phone is great.  They put an authorization on my card for 944.09 as it’s the 64GB iPhone.  They say it’s only just in case I don’t return my old phone, which I surly will do. 

I have been calibrating my battery, and I told the apple tech on the phone that, and that is one of the questions they were going to ask me.  It’s good that I had a backup battery on my hike today.  It really is a bummer when your doing something and the battery dies without warning.  I am very happy with apple’s warranty and customer service.  Another reason to go with the fruit company smile

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