MGG 455: Hey NSA, Can John Have His Packets Back?

John and Dave get their Sunday morning by getting you your Mac Geek Gab! Topics this week include securing your Internet activity when you want to remain private, creating vacation/away messages with Mail, Dave talks about the new AMP Gain and much, much more. Download today – it's free! – and enjoy.

MGG 455: Hey NSA, Can John Have His Packets Back?

Jun. 23, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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At the very beginning, with John’s problems.  In the chat for this show, before the hold music and the podcast started.  You posted a app program LINK, for checking Network Speed Monitoring.  If someone could provide the early on links it would be of help.

I had to reboot my iPhone so I lost the very beginning of the chat.  I had clicked that link, but didn’t know how to find it again after rebooting my iPhone.  Is there a way to review past chat logs from the iPhone app or a file someone keeps.  I could then refer to that log.

Thanks Guys

TackyTed on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, the land of very poor internet speeds (DSL) :-(

Bob Correa

Regarding not working SD card slot. I have a mid 2010 MBPro, and my card slot has been a problem for the past year. I have Apple Care, but I’ve added ram and swapped 2 drives so I don’t want to take it in.

I have found that seating the card in diffferent ways, such as adjusting after inserting makes it work. I’ve never lost data doing this and so I live with it. When I insert the SD card and it doesn’t mount, I’ve verified that Finder and Disk Utility don’t see the card but System Profiler does show the reader

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