MGG 499: Bidding Farewell to the Four Hundreds

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Dave and John, as promised, follow-up today on their SSD upgrade discussion, going through the issues and questions you've had since they introduced the topic a few weeks back. Answers and wisdom include the best data migration path, whether (and how) to enable TRIM support, SATA II vs. SATA II, quelling your fears about cracking open your Mac, how old is too old, and more. Then it's on to some Automator goodness (so easy truly anyone can do it!), as well as a very creative use for Mavericks' tags. All this and more in today's show!

MGG 499: Bidding Farewell to the Four Hundreds

Apr. 28, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Can you use it for the main startup drive?


With totalfinder app you can make your labels colorize the whole background of othe file and not just a dot.  Very cool. 
I also added the colors in the sidebar with this app.

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