MGG 510: Talking To Your Technology While You Travel

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It's summertime (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) and that means lots of travel. It also means some really interesting travel-related technology problems to solve. Listen to John and Dave as they did into solving issues with streaming movies from your house to your favorite travel destination... or to a mobile destination if that's your preferred way to roll. Dave digs in a bit to the specific USB speeds of Thunderbolt docks, and the boys discuss their favorite battery charging strategies. Plus some bonuses and tangents, because they know you love those!

MGG 510: Talking To Your Technology While You Travel

Jul. 13, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Bob Correa

Regarding managing movie clips from various cameras, iOS devices, etc. why not just do it with iPhoto? You have all of the same organizing abilities that are available for photos imported into iPhoto. You can AirPlay clips, export, group into albums, events and so on.

I am a heavy aperture user, but iPhoto will do it too. I have a separate library that I import all iOS video clips into. I have other cameras as well but I edit all video so I don’t import those into Aperture. But in terms of having short clips of various subjects that you just want to find quickly, airplay to an Apple TV, explore to edit with iMovie or FCP X, iPhoto should work.

Santa Barbara AUG

at min 40 there is a good bit about network configuring and JFB mentioned:

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