MGG 565: Of Caps and Paste and Macs, Oh My!

| Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Ready to give up on your Mac? Don't let it go quite so easily. There might be an option or a repair or an upgrade! Have a Drobo or a DiskStation (or want one)? Do you know what it takes to manage one of those devices? It's not difficult, and John and Dave explain all that and more for you in one easy-to-digest podcast episode!

MGG 565: Of Caps and Paste and Macs, Oh My!

Aug. 9, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Doubling up on sponsors was just fine. I felt you gave each sponsor your complete attention and you separated the spots adequately. Nicely done.

...but the podcast faded out completely just as you were describing the problem if the MacBook with the faulty display was hooked up to an external monitor and the Mac was NOT set to Mirror Display mode. You went silent and never came back from that.

What did I miss?


I deleted the file and re-downloaded the podcast. All good now!!


i clicked on the link to PhoneClean on my iPhone (only reading several pages and not buying the app!), shortly thereafter my phone froze and it took me several hours before I was able to get it to boot properly and be able to shut down without it automatically restarting when I slid the turn off phone slider after pushing the power button on the phone. I also tried the home button and power button reset, but it was wonked!

And when it finally did boot correctly again, it forgot that we had an apple watch together. ::grin:: And MacID app could not find the iPhone. It was all very weird.

I was curious if anyone else had any problems with that site, i’ll not be clicking on that link again.

Ciao. Joel.

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