MGG 605: Like Oil and Water, iPhones and Key Fobs Don’t Mix

| Mac Geek Gab Podcast

iPhones and keyfobs, batteries and USB-C, external Thunderbolt GPUs, the internet of things vs. SSIDs... there's a lot to weigh in on here, folks, and John and Dave give you their thoughts along with those of your fellow listeners. Download and enjoy!

MGG 605: Like Oil and Water, iPhones and Key Fobs Don’t Mix

May. 15, 2016 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Ryan Fitzgerald

Re: Recent calls appearing on another iPhone…under settings -> phone -> calls on other devices, I think this is where you can select the option that your looking for.
Also in regards to the having to repurchase pro features with the same apple id, I believe it would work the same as when I use the same app on my iPad and iPhone. I believe most apps have a “restore purchase” and uses your apple id to verify that you have purchased the premium content.
Hope this helps.

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