MGG 408: Eating Snow Leopard For Breakfast

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun are back, and this show’s totally action-packed. Great tips, awesome listener questions, and good stuff. Always remember you can listen to the live stream while the show is being recorded (follow @MacGeekGab on twitter or Facebook to find out when it’s happening). Download today… and enjoy!

MGG 408: Eating Snow Leopard For Breakfast

Jul. 15, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Stan A to Z

Hey John and Dave!
In show #408 you posted a link to a nice MAC Keyboard Shortcuts poster.  I did some additional research and…

(DISCLAIMER:  I have no interest, financial, personal, or other, in the company or product I’m about to mention other than I use it and like it)...

I found this app called “CheatSheet

The “neato factor” is that, once you’ve installed it, and are in any app, hold down the Command key for a few seconds to summon the ?Cheat Sheet? list of all keyboard shortcuts for that app.

Check it out!

Stan “A to Z”

Dave Hamilton

Thanks, Stan!

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