MGG 211: Login, Sleep, PowerLine, ExpressCard, SSD, Oh My!

This episode is chock full of your favorite geeks talking about your favorite topic: the Mac! First they answer some listener questions and share listener feedback about logging in, sleeping, powerline, and activity monitor.  Then it's time to revisit two recent favorites: ExpressCard/34 and SSD.  Yep, there's more to be said on these topics before leaving them to ferment.  Subscribe today for free and never miss another episode again!

MGG 211: Login, Sleep, PowerLine, ExpressCard, SSD, Oh My!

Jul. 13, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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re: Expresscard

I, too, think it was a mistake to drop the expresscard. Like the matte screens, Apple seems to be dropping more and more ‘pro’ features from their pro lines.

They really didn’t bring the unibody MacBook into the pro line, they lowered the 15” MacBook Pro further towards the consumer line.

At least the downgrading of the battery to being non-removable does have a solution: External battery packs (even if they are clumsy when plugged in.

BTW, you can get USB to SD card readers for $3 on Amazon. So instead of something that will allow professionals to work with MacBook Pros they included something that is aimed at consumers and can be had for only $3 if they left the expresscard in.


I definitely see the elimination of the matte display on MBP’s as a minus for the line. I have no problem working with glossy on an iMac but a good laptop line should have the option.

I have never had the need for the ExpressCard slot (but that doesn’t mean I never will) and know I can use it with an SD reader, or even to expand and add a USB hub, or as was mentioned with an SSD. I usually don’t need to transfer pics from an SD to my MBP when I’m away from home so I just use the slot on my printer.

iVoid has a good point. It seems Apple is trying to target the MBP line to the average consumer. I thought the MacBook line was the one aimed at the average consumer. The line between MacBook and MacBook Pro seems to be getting a bit murky.

I’m happy with my early 2008 MacBook Pro.


Dave/John, great episode again.
Learnig every every episode a bit more.

I have a suggestion, inspired by a question:

When you promoted the app Notebook from Circusponies in this episode, you tell that it is possible to search across multiple notebooks.
I can’t figure out HOW to do that.

Instead of just mentioning the features of the app, give a tip or trick or very short howto. This way returning listeners can look forward to these tips/tricks howto’s.
My request: tell us HOW to search across multiple Notebooks.

Thanks for the podcast!

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