MGG 242: Keychains, Admin Accounts, Personal Finance, Virtualization

Dave and John are back for a second time this week, talking about Keychain passwords, the pros and cons of admin accounts, personal finance software options, comparing VirtualBox with others, and more! Don't miss it, download today!

MGG 242: Keychains, Admin Accounts, Personal Finance, Virtualization

Feb. 5, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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About VirtualBox and USB there is a strange bug in VB. I discovered it when I was doing some Win7 testing for work. I needed to move a file from my Win machine to the VM on the mac. I used a USB jump-drive but the Win environment on VB would not see it. I discovered that if I eject the device from the OS-X desktop but leave it plugged in, the device will magically appear in the VM. Apparently the device cannot be mounted on both desktops at the same time.


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