MGG 244: iTunes Questions & Tips, Macworld Wrap-up, More!

John and Dave are back from Macworld Expo, ready to roll. They share their thoughts on the show, answer your iTunes questions and share your iTunes tips (including something close to the Holy Grail...), then off to discuss routers, BlueTooth issues, and more!

MGG 244: iTunes Questions & Tips, Macworld Wrap-up, More!

Feb. 15, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Eric Rasch

In show #244, Mark was looking for a shortcut to recent documents. There’s an app called Fresh ($9; that does everything he was asking for. It keeps a custom list of recent docs, allows for keeping another list of ‘I-gotta-always-have-this-doc-available’, and let’s you tag your docs which plays nice with Spotlight. Check it out.

I got it for free through a MacHeist promo, and have used it ever since. I’d totally pay for it if I had to.

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