MGG 257: Bookmarks, Symlinks, Spotlight Security & Geek Challenges

Dave and John answer your questions about remote bookmark availability, Time Capsule concerns, Screen dimming, and Spotlight security issues. This one’s chock full of great info, including some tips from Dave’s recent travels. Subscribe and download today!

MGG 257: Bookmarks, Symlinks, Spotlight Security & Geek Challenges

Apr. 28, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Robert in SF

Wouldn’t XMarks solve the bookmark sync and “using another person’s computer” access question the person had? I recommend it. It’s Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE compatible, and has a web interface as well.

Also, you could have used GoodReader on your iPad directly to access your Drobbox account (among other web-DAV providers, FTP, other ways) to download the converted video’s you made while on your trip. GoodReader is a fantastic app, and only costs 99 cents!   It’s great as a wireless “usb drive”....and can view any file format compatible with the iPad, separate from the iTunes library as well!


This might do the trick for the bookmarks
Happy Weekend Guys
Greg from LA

Eric Hanson

I am just getting started on downloading podcasts.  Great show even after just two episodes. 


I have a solution for people trying to keep their bookmarks in one easy to access location.  Never mind the exporting the bookmarks to an html file and putting that into a drop box folder.

Use a great web2.0 service called delicious.
Sign up for an account and install the tool bar plugins for firefox or the bookmarklets for safari on the computers you use.  When you find a page you like you can save it to your account which you can easily access from any computer through your delicious url.  You must use the “tag” feature to keep your bookmarks organized or it can become a mess really quick.

I use four different computers in my daily work and rely on delicious frequently.  Another great feature of delicious is the networking capabilities.


HI Guys,
In episode 257, you mention MiFi (or MyFi), but there is no link for it that I could find on the episode page, so need to verify which product. When I Google the name, there are 2 options, one is the Delphi MyFi, which looks to be a radio receiver, so I assume that’s not what you’re talking about.
I’m pretty sure that the Verizon MiFi 2200 is.

I just found out that my wife’s family will be doing a barge cruise in France a year from July, when I’m scheduled to teach an online class. I’m hoping I can join them, but it will depend on how reliable my internet access is, as I have to constantly monitor the class and give exams online, as well.

So, is the Verizon MiFi 2200 the product you took with you on the train to Washington? And do you think (best guess, I realize) that it will work in the
backwaters of France?
thanks for a great show.
bill neely


Hi Guys,

I made symbolic links in my Sites Folder and Safari doesn’t even recognize that there is any link. ie. It doesn’t fail like with a alias it just doesn’t show up in the browser.

I tested and normal folders work.

Did anyone test this?

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