MGG 271: Shortcuts, AppleCare, Consulting Advice, and More

John and Dave end out June with this packed Premium episode. Topics include AppleCare advice and discounts, setting your own shortcut keys, advice for Mac consultants, and more! If you’re not already subscribed, it’s just $25 for 6 months of additional content from your two favorite geeks!

MGG 271: Shortcuts, AppleCare, Consulting Advice, and More

Jun. 30, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version

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Regarding the Keyboard shortcuts that were mentioned on the show.  Yes, John you were right I use control and the zero key to shutdown as it’s a big button on my large apple wired keyboard in the numbers are on the right.  The way I set it up is you need to click on the desktop and be in the finder for them to work, so if you wanna sleep by hitting the shortcut that I programed control and spacebar you need to click on the finder first.  I think because of this I have never had an accidental sleep, restart or shutdown.  You have to look at the menu and type exactly what it says in the menu for it to work.  If you add it to all applications then it will shut down even if you are in an app and not in the finder, so then as Dave said the ship may go down.  So my suggestion is to just add it to the finder and not all apps if it’s a command like shutdown or restart etc. esp. if you do live podcasts like johnNDave.  So this is found in System Prefs, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts and then click the plus sign.  You can also add it to just a single app if you choose too.

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