MGG 274: Mail Questions, Funky Fonts, Mac to TV, More!

John and Dave are back with an action-packed (and info-packed!) show just for you. Lots of mail questions (both on the Mac and on the iPad!), troubleshooting Fonts, RAM, and a whole lot more!

MGG 274: Mail Questions, Funky Fonts, Mac to TV, More!

Jul. 22, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Concerning the listener with RAM problems with his MacBook, I recently upgraded mine from the original two 512 MByte boards to one 2Gbyte. This is a Macbook 2.1 bought in early 2008, and the RAM is standard PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM @ 667MHz (actually, pulled from a HP laptop). Worked fine, so I guess his *should* as well.

But a thought crossed my mind: even though his machine was bought in late 2008, could it have been an earlier model that stayed on the shelf for some time?


John F. Braun

Hi Alan—

It is certainly possible that it could be a pre-2008 machine, but doing a quick check at OWC, Macbooks all the way back to late 2006 can accept 4GB of RAM, though some may only be able to utilize 3GB.


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