MGG 281: iTunes Management, Sleep Issues, AppleCare, More

John and Dave answer reader questions about managing iTunes music and libraries, helping listeners with sleep issues, troubleshooting AirPort and more. Then there are a few follow-up questions about PowerLine and how best to use it, plus some tips and thoughts from previous shows. Finally, Dave wraps it up telling of a very curious experience he went through recently with mail-in AppleCare.

MGG 281: iTunes Management, Sleep Issues, AppleCare, More

Aug. 23, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Re: Multiple iTunes libraries & Dock icons.

In the there is a value for the Library location - alis:11345:Music Folder Location (the value is stored encoded in data format).

iTunes won’t run two copies of the application unless you duplicate the application, open the .app bundle & go in & change the bundle identifiers to something unique. This should mean that you can have 2 copies of iTunes, each with it’s own preferences.

It may just be the info.plist that needs altering inside the Contents folder.

Good luck

Dave Hamilton

Thanks, Drew. I figured it was stored somewhere, especially since you can alter it. That’s great to know!

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