MGG 284: General Troubleshooting, Mail Receipts, Safari Extensions

John and Dave talk and troubleshoot video issues, motherboard issues, and connecting to a headless Mac. Then it’s time for a discussion about tracking email recipients, and Dave even tells his crazy story about the guy who had gremlins in his computer — and got ‘em out! Don’t miss it.

MGG 284: General Troubleshooting, Mail Receipts, Safari Extensions

Sep. 9, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version

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Stanley Alleyne

Hi John and Dave, first time for me I have been listening to your shows regularly great shows keep up the good work.Here goes I have been living with this problem for quick sometime and here it is . Sometime ago I came across an article where you could program the keys on your keyboard to do several short cuts so I thought great, I some how managed program my” S” key so that when you press shift S instead of getting a capital S I get nothing while typing no “S” nothing. You cannot imagine the pain while typing and where a capital “S” should be nothing you have to remember to press the cap lock while typing lower case “s” works fine love my Mac but I would like to return the keyboard to normal how do I do this Need Help…..........


show notes?

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