MGG 295: Memory Upgrades, AppleScript, Bonjour and More

John and Dave come to you today with a fantastic mix of questions, comments, tips and geekery! Topics include customizing the top bar in the FInder, CD Burner issues, figuring out how much RAM you have (and how you can upgrade), solving Bonjour problems, and fixing a bootup problem or two. Download (it’s free today!), subscribe, and enjoy!

MGG 295: Memory Upgrades, AppleScript, Bonjour and More

Nov. 1, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Bob Harris

MGG 295 with respect to Bonjour.

Bonjour will not cross subnet boundaries.  If there are multiple active routers with different computers talking to different routers will cause some computers to not see other computers and services when they each reside in a different subnet.

For example, if there is a broadband modem/router combo box (with maybe its own WiFi), and some systems are using this as their router.

And then there is a WiFi base station in another part of the house connected via ethernet to the broadband modem/router.  This WiFi base station is most likely still configured as a router, so anything using this device will be on a separate subnet and computers and servers on this router will not see Bonjour services offered by Macs talking to the broadband modem/router.  And the reverse is true.

The ideal situation is to have only 1 active router in the home and any extension WiFi base station configured so that the DHCP server and the NAT server are disabled on the extension router.  Each make and model WiFi base station has its own way to disable these services.  Airport Extreme WiFi base stations call it “Bridge Mode”, others do it by disabling the DHCP server, etc…

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