MGG 300: A Celebration Among Geeks!

John and Dave celebrate their 300th episode by assembling a cast of some of their favorite Mac podcasters and personalities. Listen in as Ted Landau, Adam Christianson, Michael Johnston and Pilot Pete join your two favorite geeks. The cast shares their computing histories, favorite Mac tips, and more! This was a fantastic episode, folks. Don’t miss it!

MGG 300: A Celebration Among Geeks!

Nov. 23, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version

Note: Shownotes are in progress…

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If you are recording over Skype & the audio starts breaking up (24:00 ish & 34:40 ish) get the caller to remove their mic & try another USB socket.

It’s supposed to be a know bug on certain models of Mac & happens after about 1 hour. I heard it on Macbreak weekly.

Keep up the show.


Please don’t ever do another show like this - totally worthless.  I specifically like MGG because I get actual information from it (both regular & premium). I have stopped listening to most of the other Apple/Mac podcasts because they are a bit too much the “fanboy” where everything is wonderful or they seem to make excuses AND they constantly go on with worthless speculations on what Apple may or may not do. I find this to be very boring and totally a waste of time. I finally got to the point about halfway through MGG-300 where I couldn’t tolerate any more of this mindless dribble.

So please! No more shows like this.

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