MGG 310: Safari, Disk Ejection, Software Updates and More

Dave and John have some great answers to your questions, including how to open all browser links in new windows, sharing hotel internet, wired vs. wireless network extensions, removing [Gmail] from’s IMAP display, and more. Plus, they share with you some listener tips about ejecting disks and software updates from the command line, how periodic scripts work (and don’t work), and a quick listener review of the Seagate Momentus harddrive. All this plus  a few more surprises, too. Download, press play, and enjoy!

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Stuff Mentioned:

  • SuperDrag Safari Extension
  • drutil
  • rEFIt
  • AirPort Express: How to join an existing wireless network in client mode
  • Preview
  • GraphicConverter
  • ImageMagick
  • Terminal Tips: Install software updates from the command line
  • Mail in iOS 4: Calendar integration, package tracking
  • DashNote
  • OnSong
  • ScreenSharingMenulet