MGG 333: Three Geeks for Thee

Your two favorite geeks were simply inundated with feedback from many aspects of Mac Geek Gab 331, so today they are joined by Pilot Pete (making this all threes all around) to address those and dig a little deeper on a few of the issues from that show, including using WiFi in Europe, managing Smart Playlists, backing up photos, safe files, and Automator. Cool Stuff Found makes its return here (your geeks simply MADE time for it!), and then there are some new issues to discuss, as well, including the Dock, slow typing on your Mac and a little something from the NSA. Download today (it’s free) and enjoy!

MGG 333: Three Geeks for Thee

May. 23, 2011 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Randall McRoberts

Concerning the transposing problem:

I was having the same problem when I used Launchbar. After activating Launchbar, the letters being typed into the Launchbar search field were being transposed.

I went through a systematic troubleshooting procedure and finally blamed it on Text Expander running. When I shut down Text Expander, the problem went away.

When TE was updated, I tried again and continued to have the issue. But the next update seemed to fix it—at least I’m not having the problem currently.

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