MGG 345: Mail, Time Machine, Lion, Tips, and More

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Dave and John kick off August with an absolutely overflowing mailbag. Today’s show kicks off with a healthy serving of tips, including solving a frozen mouse and keyboard, reducing the size of PDFs without killing their quality, and a note from an Apple Genius clarifying more about how they choose who to service and when. Then it’s on to your two favorite geeks answering questions about software updates, restoring Address Book backups from Time Machine, solving a few issues, and how to install Lion on some unsupported Macs. Cool Stuff Found is thrown in for good measure, and your geeks cover it all! Download today and enjoy.

MGG 345: Mail, Time Machine, Lion, Tips, and More

Aug. 1, 2011 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Loved the Quartz filter trick in Reduce File Size for PDFs in Show 345. But one small problem, the filter I’m setting up in Colorsync Utility does not show up in the list when I “Export” from Preview (as Lion’s Preview does not have a “save as” option, but the same filters are there as in the “save as” in SL).

Anyone else notice this, and more important, anyone know how to get it to show up?


Dave Hamilton

Joel—Ask and you shall receive… an answer! wink

So when you create a filter using the ColorSync Utility, it puts it in ~/Library/Filters

Unfortunately, Preview doesn’t look there. It only looks in /System/Library/Filters

The trick is to move your filter there and it works. Doing this is possible with the Finder, though it will ask you to authenticate before letting you write to that system folder.


Unfortunately, Preview doesn?t look there.

Thanks, Dave.

What I ended up doing was creating an Automator app that was able to access the Filter I created. I have placed the app in my doc and then I drag the PDF I wish to Reduce onto the app in the Dock. I was pretty pleased at being able to figure that out! The most relevant thing I’ve ever done in Automator.

I took the PDF I wanted to reduce (It was a 470 MB, 20 page photo “book” from Aperture), dropped it onto the app, and out popped a 7 MB version of the PDF. Apple’s Reduce resulted in a 1.5 MB file, it was very poor quality. Mine was pretty good, definitely good enough.

That rocked! Thanks again for the tip. And I will be moving the Filter, and the App will probably fall into disuse as it will no longer be needed.

Ciao. Joel.


an answer!

Oh, and the “save as” we used to use in Preview to access the Filters is no longer there. Lion uses an “Export” function.

Best wishes. Joel.

PS This is like my own personal page on TMO! Cool!

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