MGG 355: Sometimes Files Miss The Trash Can

| Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come to you in today’s Mac Geek Gab to help solve listeners’ problems, including why files sometimes don’t stay in the Trash Can, confirming you have enough RAM, working with Lion’s full screen mode, and much, much more. Download today (this episode’s available at no charge!), press play, and enjoy.

MGG 355: Sometimes Files Miss The Trash Can

Sep. 26, 2011 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Regarding show 355 and SSDs: this is long, sorry :(
I did an upgrade to Mid 2010 MB Pro 15” i7 using OWC Mercury Pro Extreme 115GB and the Data Doubler to replace the optical drive. The upgrade is truly amazing and worth the effort and $$. I did use Terminal to create Sym Links for some system folders. It all worked just fine for 3 months though I did have some confusion with Time Machine. I tried to get help from Apple Care however they would NOT help me in regards to my configuration. It is NOT supported. So, I ended up never really figuring out my Time Machine confusion, but I started a new TM disk and the problem went away.
Suddenly a new problem arose. I use Final Cut Pro X. The 10.0.1 update came out last week and when it installed I couldn’t open any projects or events on my internal 500GB HD. Everything in the external connected disks worked fine. I again called Apple Care as Google Foo yielded nada. Apple Care passed me to a FCPX specific tech who immediately upon discovering my configuration wasn’t willing to go any further. She did explain what FCPX needed to see in folder structure and said that would solve my problem, but she wouldn’t offer more than the short sentence of advice. The solution was to delete the Sym Link pointing to the Movies folder on the HD and rather, leave a Movies folder on the SSD.
I was disappointed to hear Dave say the iMac 2 drive setup came with a blank HD. I’m hoping Apple will find it in themselves to come out with a tech note and something in support of optimizing using an SSD/HD combo.


I’ve been waiting and watching the SSD issues. First is the price, I keep an eye on the prices and am getting very near finally making the leap. Second is this “supported configuration” question. I have yet to see how I can install Library, System, and Applications on the SSD and everything else on the secondary rotating drive.

On my MBP, the SSD will be taking the place of my current primary 7200 RPM 750 GB internal drive, and the SSD will certainly be a 120 GB. The 750 will be for my iTunes Library, personal documents (including Dropbox), and video for editing in FCP X. I need a definitive structure for doing this and doing it well.

I’ve posted about this on the Apple Discussions. One guy there noted his web site with his solution, but it is took him several confusing post to describe what he did and how it works- confusing enough that I’m not linking to it here.

I really would like to read an Apple Knowledge Base article with Apple’s way of doing it. Or some really well written article, with great screenshots, by someone I know and trust. Hmmm, where would I find someone like that, Dave and John F? ::grin::

Well, back to OWC’s site to check on prices again.

Ciao. Joel.


Joel, here’s a link to the procedure I used from Matt Legend Gemmell:
Also, this is from Gigaom and Weldon Dodd:

My configuration is working just fine. My only hesitation is if I need apple care repair someday, I will probably have to take out the SSD, put back the Superdrive first.

I imagine the next gen. MB Pros will have SSD options and as that comes along perhaps Apple will move towards supporting this kind of configuration in some way.


Sorry, here’s the correct 2nd link to gigaom:


My configuration is working just fine.

Thanks for the links, Bob. Good reading there. Glad it’s working for you!

There were several red flags- one person reported their symlinks were being overwritten, and the syboliclinker “app” has not been updated for Lion. I have used the terminal, but prefer to be able to click on a folder in a GUI rather than typing its location.

But I will be using the gigaom article as a roadmap while I do this installation.

Thanks again.

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