MGG 398: Geeks Going Deep with Mail & Routers

Ever have trouble connecting your Mac to another WiFi network even when Windows machines easily connect? Ever try to share files with a Windows machine but run into trouble there? How about if you’re a Gmail user but can’t figure out quite the right way to manage your Mail archives without dealing with the duplicate messages caused by the “All Mail” mailbox? Well, you’re in luck. Download, press play, and enjoy, because John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton are here to answer these questions — and quite a few more! — on today’s episode of Mac Geek Gab! You can even send in your own questions to be answered in a future show, too!

MGG 398: Geeks Going Deep with Mail & Routers

May. 21, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Could I make a request for the links in the show notes? I’m listening to the show here, and you mention something that is linked to below, so I go down, click on the link, and poof! I’m taken away from the page, and the podcast stops playing, and now, I have to go back, let the thing reload, and struggle to find where I left off. I can understand on other pages, you not wanting to open links in new windows, but IMO, on the podcast page, you ought to have external sites open in new tabs/windows. You can add text at the beginning of the list “Links open in new windows” so we know, but it sure would help, and I bet I’m not alone thinking this.


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