TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-02

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So Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 has a big gap between the display and phone body, but is that worth the media's attention? Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about how the media reacts to Apple design issues versus Samsung design issues, plus they have plenty to say about iTunes 12 beta and the features Apple is apparently cutting.

TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-02

Oct. 2, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

TMO Daily Observations

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Listened to the rant on iTunes.  I could not agree more.  I then went to my Yosemite beta install on my MacBook Pro, downloaded the latest iTunes beta and fired it up.

What a piece of crap!!  No sidebar and navigation is not terribly intuitive. That software needs to be attacked with a chainsaw!  Or perhaps dynamite.

I then connected an older iPhone 4, and attempted to sync it.  WTF!  The device did not connect.  Once I finally found where I was supposed to look to connect to devices (The File menu!!) it still did not appear.

One consequence of this behaviour is that I WILL NOT upgrade my main machine to Yosemite if I have to migrate to iTunes 12.  I have 5 “i” devices that I regularly synch and backup.  I am not about to entrust my devices to that flaky software.

John, if you have any informal backdoor pipelines into the Apple software people, you should probably let them know that (my feeling) a lot of folks will be extremely unhappy with them for that upgrade.

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