TMO Daily Observations: 2014-12-08

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John Martellaro thinks it's time for Apple to step up its iPad game, or risk losing market share. John and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about whether or not that's a serious issue, and John shares what he thinks Apple should do to lock in the iPad's long term success.

TMO Daily Observations: 2014-12-08

Dec. 8, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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Who is this john guy? He had nothing constructive to say, not a professional presentation at all. My finger is on the “unsubscribe” button in podcasts, I’m about to push it, and also no longer pay any attention to Mac Observer. There are other, more professional sources out there, people that make much more constructive criticisms.

Also, someone tell John to get a Mac Book Air, a MBP or just get him a friggin’ bluetooth keyboard for his iPad!! iPads were never intended, nor will they ever be intended, to replace laptops or desktops for that matter. All of his complaints had to do with “it’s not a laptop!” ... Duh! It’s not supposed to be!

1) The point on running two apps at once is boring…Apple has that in works, was seen in an early beta of iOS 8, will probably be seen in a new larger iPad next year.

2) Yeah, I agree the selection functions seem a bit wonky in iOS 8 thus far, could be smoothed out, perhaps even with today’s .2 update, but, this is a major point??? Get a custom keyboard! Or get a bluetooth keyboard!! raspberry

3) The point of Apple losing sales is just ridiculous, not dead, not dying, not losing, the market is simply changing partly due to things others already commented in this podcast, also, partly due to the fact there are many other options for tablets now, Apple’s not the only one anymore. ...What planet do you live on?

4) Someone please take a copy of this podcast on a flash drive, keep it for 5 years, and play it back for John in 5 years. I guarantee, that, if Apple gives him everything he wants, he will still complain, still want more, never be happy.

Mac Observer: I’m new here, I thought this would be a place to get positive relevant information on apple and their products, but this guy is just wagging his tongue making negative comments just to complain, we have enough of this crap elsewhere. This is not getting you attention, this is annoying, it is causing me to look elsewhere, you’re losing credibility in my view. Unless this is what you aim for, in that case, I am already gone.

This was a waste of a podcast, B.S. session, nothing relevant.

Sorry if this is too blunt, but, this was just a waste to listen to.

Also, iPads/tablets are about replacing the TABLET! Paper! Documents! Hello? Paper books? ah, now ebooks! Let’s see that x-ray/mri…here it is in the iPad, no need to print it! That Airplane pilot now has his maps and manuals on an iPad, no more poundage of books! Apple’s working on a 12” iPad! Great, finally something big enough to replace magazines! This will be better for medical and enterprise market! ... Did you not watch Star Trek The Next Generation? Did you not notice they never used a single piece of paper? That’s the idea. One of the first things I heard about with the iPad (1) was how a lawyer was able to eliminate all paperwork in his briefcase, replaced with the iPad. To make it about replacing the laptop is to go back to pre-Apple iPad days when others failed to make a successful tablet-laptop thingy.

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