TMO Daily Observations 2015-01-14: The Big Apple Watch Upgrade Debate

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John Martellaro thinks Apple Watch will be hardware upgradable to make it more a more attractive purchase, but Dave Hamilton thinks otherwise. Both join Jeff Gamet to debate whether or not Apple expects us to buy a brand new watch every year, plus John introduces us to the term "kilobuck."

TMO Daily Observations 2015-01-14: The Big Apple Watch Upgrade Debate

Jan. 14, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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Dave Hamilton misses the point.  Upgradability is important for the Gold models not the bottom end model.  And he’s forcing the traditional iDevice model on the Apple Watch even though everything Apple has done and said so far about the Apple Watch is that they understand that the iDevice model doesn’t apply.  Jony Ive took a deep dive into watch design history and talked about it very insightfully, they also hired people from the fashion and lux watch industry.  Mr. Hamilton seems to disregard all these moves and public pronouncements that Apple has undertaken and just sticks to “They’ve just never done that before.” 

I just don’t think Apple is run by stupidly people who will sell a device costing thousands of dollars that will be obsolete in three years.

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