TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-16: Apple Stores as Showrooms and Changing Retail Strategies

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Apple's latest products, Apple Watch and the new MacBook, aren't available in the company's retail stores, which has Kelly Guimont wondering if this is the beginning of big changes. Kelly and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at Apple's online-only sales tactic, and offer up their thoughts on why the company is using its stores as a show room instead of a sale point for its latest products.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-16: Apple Stores as Showrooms and Changing Retail Strategies

Apr. 16, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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Okay. I’m chiming in again because as a TMO newbie then I do like the show but I’m wondering why there’s so much inconsistency in the tone of the podcast so I’m considering each voice to be the explanation. And yeah, certain people do fit certain stereotypes.

In particular… Kelly. I’m calling a triple BS on her stories that Best Buy employees are constantly asking her “are you looking for your husband” all the time. Granted, I’ve never looked up to see what Kelly looks like, but based on the other episode where she hijacked the Apple Watch review discussion so that she can make these crazy rants against Android Wear then it just seems like she is someone who’s primary goal is to boost up Apple by slamming competition. And for me, its just a waste of time to listen to stuff like that.

As for Best Buy. I wander around the computers once in a while and have NEVER witnessed anything like that to me or to the grandmas or teens in that section. Its 2015, not Mad Men Season 4 so if someone truly is being that condescending then talk to the manager. But if its just an exaggeration in order to claim “Oh my, isn’t the Apple Store just wonderful” then why bother?

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