TMO Daily Observations 2015-07-09: What’s Up with Declining Apple Watch Sales?

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Apple Watch sales seem to be on the decline, and there are a few theories behind that drop. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to debate their views on why people aren't buying now like they did when Apple Watch was first introduced.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-07-09: What’s Up with Declining Apple Watch Sales?

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Isn’t ‘Slice Intelligence’ an oxymoron?!?!? LMAO.


One thing that may also be a huge contributor to Apple Watch Sales:

Apple is moody

I don’t mean that (entirely) as a negative thing, but if we track the way Apple and the Media Cycle works then Apple tends to enter in with a fanfare and then quietly sneak out during the applause so that they can do a costume change for their next dramatic entrance.

We’ve seen this at every keynote where certain apps or products or features has the journalists making up fictional scenarios:

- “iMovie on a phone will change the way we vacation”
- “Thunderbolt is the future!”
- “The Mac Pro is the worlds most powerful tool”
- “The Apple Watch will reduce your phone usage!”.

But in the end then iMovie rarely gets updated, Thunderbolt is on its way out, The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in how long and the unintuitive Apple Watch has people appreciating the simplicity of their phone more than ever.

I’m not saying anything crazy like “Apple Watch is Dead” because I truly do believe in wearables as the future. BUT… with Apple Music being the current overhyped product and Apple TV, new MacBook designs and a new OS coming up then Apple Watch hype has pretty much peaked and disappeared for most regular people.


It was never going to be a big seller to begin with. wearables are a small market. Maybe when the watch costs 99 dollars you will see some uptick in sales but for now who ever wanted a watch bought one, the rest of us could care less.

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