TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-28: Goodbye Java, FCC’s Plan to Open Cable Set Top Boxes

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Oracle announced the demise of the Java Web browser plug-in, which means big changes are in store for sites relying on the platform to deliver content. Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to talk about the demise of Java in Web browsers, and the FCC's proposal to unlock cable set top boxes.

TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-28: Goodbye Java, FCC’s Plan to Open Cable Set Top Boxes

Jan. 28, 2016 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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re: cable set top box
it’s not the lines. It’s the set top box only. Currently, users have to rent the boxes (I have 3, with one DVR, so my price is roughly $35/month) or RENT a cable card as well, which the cable companies have made difficult to work.

It is opening up the boxes to competition more freely with the Tivo types - and the FCC is saying without having the physical card which cause so many problems. So instead of renting TWC’s boxes, I can buy a Roku, Tivo, and in the future, possibly AppleTVs that serve the same purpose as the Cable boxes (which I am spending $400+ yearly), taking that cost (which is never advertised in their prices) off my bill and to whomever’s box I want.

It’s not like the phone in that anyone can use the lines, it is like the phone in that you no longer have to rent the actual phone from Ma Bell.


This will force competition in the STB space, and should also help innovation, since cable STB’s are horrible, and always on, draining electricity every minute of every day at nearly the same rate whether powered on or not.

I can buy my own router for internet or rent one, this is just an extension of that (and the phone example) to the TV sphere.

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