Crumpler Reginald Transfer

You can always count on Crumpler to design great bags and give them unconventional names. The companyis Reginald Transfer comes through on both counts, and looks good, too.

The Reginald Transfer is a simple bag designed to fit a 15-inch laptop, a power supply, some documents, and a few odds and ends. It has a sleek look that works on campus and in the office.

The Reginald Transfer: Simple and sharp.

The bag is made from a heavy duty water resistant nylon and the laptop compartment is padded and lined with a soft fabric to help keep your laptop from getting scratched. The compartment zips shut, as does a dual compartment outside pocket. A second pocket closed with a Velcro tab.

There is also a padded insert that compartmentalizes the laptop pocket for smaller computers, like the MacBook. Since I conducted my tests with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, I left the inserts at the bottom of the bag for extra padding.

The padded laptop compartment offers bump and scratch protection.

The Reginald Transfer includes briefcase-style handles that hide away when you donit want to see them or if you are using the built-in shoulder strap instead. The shoulder strap detaches from one end so that you can tuck it away when you want it visible, but there isnit any place to easily tuck it away. You can stash the strap into one of the side pockets, but it detracts from the overall sleek appearance that makes this bag look so nice.

The bagis construction is top notch. All of the seams are stitched well, and there arenit any raw fabric edges exposed. That should help with durability and keep the bag looking nice longer.

Deep pockets on each side add extra storage space.

The Reginald Transfer is available in black with green lining, brown and tan, two-tone green, and two-tone red. I tested the black model, and the fabric did not show scuffs or show much dirt.

Good looks only get you so far and donit count for much if the bag doesnit hold up. The Reginald Transfer withstood my abusive testing without any trouble and still looked good when I was done. This bag survived user group meetings and presentations, bouncing around in my car, trips to the mountains, and more.

The only disappointment I had with the Reginald Transfer was that the bag lost some of its sleek look when I slipped the shoulder strap away. It also doesnit include a pad for the shoulder strap, but that shouldnit be a big deal since the bagis size will keep most people from carrying really heavy loads.

The Bottom Line
The Reginald Transfer is a durable and reliable laptop bag that does a great job of protecting you computer while looking good at the same time. It held up splendidly under the abuse I subjected it to, and never showed any signs of wear.

Yes, I wish there was a better way to stash the shoulder strap when you arenit using it, but thatis not going to stop me from saying the Reginald Transfer is a great choice for anyone that wants a slim laptop bag that effortlessly makes the transition from classroom to office.

Product: The Reginald Transfer

Company: Crumpler

List Price: $65


Pros: Durable, good looks, good laptop protection.
Cons: Shoulder strap doesn\'t stow away well when not in use.