Crumpler School Hymn Laptop Case

Crumpler bags are generally terrific products, and weive been fans of the companyis offerings at The Mac Observer for many years. Today weire going to look at the MacBook Pro School Hymn 15", part of the broader School Hymn line for MacBooks and PowerBooks.

The School Hymn is a fairly no-nonsense carrying case for your MacBook or PowerBook. Itis made of durable PVC (or "Crumpler Synthesized Preskin Fabric" as Crumpler named it) with a snakeskin-like texture, and has a lightly padded interior (see image below). The case itself is semi-rigid, and is open and closed with a zipper that opens all the away around.

What I like about this case is that, much like my MacBook Pro, it just works. Itis a case that holds your MacBook Pro, protecting it from the elements, your coffee, etc. Thereis no room for carrying anything else inside the case -- itis not intended to be a briefcase -- but itis almost perfect (see below) for carrying my laptop to a meeting, a coffee shop, or wherever.

The Crumpler School Hymn

While I wouldnit want to drop my MacBook Pro under any circumstances, the School Hymnis semi-rigid construction leaves me feeling a lot more secure about hauling it around. Again, itis not intended to protect your MacBook from a fall, but it will protect it from hits, bumps, and getting knocked around.

I have also used the School Hymn to hold my laptop while using it on my lap and while lying in bed. It keeps the heat well away from me, but itis light enough not to be uncomfortable. Iive done this scores of times in the last several months, and havenit seen any deleterious effects on the bag, so whether or not Crumpler intended this use, I think it does a great job.

When I asked Crumpler if this use was intended, a company spokesperson told me, "the School Hymn does have the dual purpose of protecting your lap or bed sheets from a hot drink." In other words, it was designed with this in mind.

Inside the Crumpler School Hymn

The only thing the School Hymn is missing is a handle. One might argue -- and indeed this seems to be Crumpleris take -- that a handle isnit necessary for a semi-rigid laptop case, but it would make using it as your only case a truly perfect solution. As it is, you either put the School Hymn in another bag (something I have done), or you carry it under your arm or in your hands (something I have also done).

The Bottom Line

As it is, if youire looking for something short of a briefcase style laptop bag, the School Hymn is a great solution. Itis well made, looks great, and does what itis intended to do just about perfectly. Itis hard to ask for more.

Product: School Hymn Laptop Case

Company: Crumpler

List Price: US$45


Pros: Well made, attractive, and serves the dual purpose of protecting your laptop or your lap.
Cons: I\'d like one with a handle.