H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones

H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones are just what their name implies--submersible waterproof headphones. The package says theyire recommended for surfing, swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and kitesurfing, and are waterproof in water up to 10 feet deep.

Since I donit do any of that stuff, I tested them out in my Jacuzzi for around 30 minutes total, submerging my head completely several times for several minutes at a time.

They work. You can listen to music, even when your head is completely immersed. But thatis about all I can say for them. The sound quality is so-so, theyire not particularly comfortable, and the coiled cable ("to eliminate tangles") is shorter than Iid have liked.

On the other hand, they suffered no harm from being under water for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

Note: If you are interested in this product, youill almost certainly be interested in the Otterbox waterproof iPod case (also reviewed today).

The Bottom Line

If you need headphones that can withstand being immersed in water up to 10 feet deep, look no further--H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones are just the ticket.

Product: H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones

Company: Radtech

List Price: US$39.95


Pros: Can withstand total immersion in water.
Cons: Mediocre sound, uncomfortable, short cord.