RadTech BT600 Bluetooth Mouse

Taste in computer pointing devices is like vegetables: Everyone likes something different. And although my tastes run more towards track balls than mice, RadTechis new BT600 bluetooth mouse turned out to be a flavor I like.

The BT600 is an 800dpi five-button optical mouse: two buttons on top, two on the left side, and a scroll wheel that acts as a button, too. The package includes the mouse, rechargeable batteries, and a standard USB to mini USB cable for charging. Since the mouse charges via USB, you donit have to carry an extra power adapter when traveling. If you should forget the cable, however, you can always swap out the rechargeables for standard AAA batteries.

The BT600 includes a USB charging port on the front.

After an initial overnight charge, the BT600 worked for over two weeks without recharging. Just to be clear: After two weeks, the mouse still didnit need a charge, but I didnit want to wait any longer to write my review.

Initially I was concerned because the power button is located top-and-center on the BT600. After extended experimentation, I found that itis very difficult to accidentally turn the mouse off. In fact, I wasnit able to push the power button down far enough with the palm of my hand to switch it off.

The power button is on top, but difficult to accidentally press.

RadTechis RadMouse Preference Pane lets you program each mouse button to perform exactly the task you want. You can assign standard mouse clicks, special key combinations, open files and folders, or disable the buttons you donit want to use. You can also control how fast the pointer moves, along with how quickly or slowly it accelerates. Since Iim left handed, I reprogrammed the buttons to work for me, which really screwed up the righties I showed the mouse to.

The biggest problem I found is that the BT600 is clearly a right handed mouse. The top slopes slightly to the right, but not so much as to make it uncomfortable for lefties, The buttons on the left, however, which are designed to be pressed with your thumb, were in my way. Since I kept accidentally clicking the side buttons with my fingers, I used the RadMouse Preference Pane to disable them.

The Bottom Line
Although most distinctly right handed mice turn out to be like broccoli to me (yuck!), RadTechis BT600 was like carrots (yum!). If you prefer a traditional mouse, or are looking for a mouse to supplement your trackball or graphic tablet, RadTechis new BT600 Bluetooth mouse is worth a look.

Product: BT600 Bluetooth Mouse

Company: RadTech

List Price: $59.95


Pros: Versatile, comfortable, and long battery life.
Cons: Lefties may have to disable some buttons.