RadTech Evolution Pack

Iill come right out and say it: Iim a bag junkie. I love backpacks, daypacks, courier bags, you name it - I want it. I also have very high standards and expectations for the bags I use, so the fact that I enjoyed testing RadTechis Evolution laptop pack says quite a bit about the product.

The evolution comes in two sizes: one for 15-inch laptops, and a smaller one for more compact models. I tested the larger size with my 15-inch PowerBook G4.

The Evolution laptop pack.

The bag has two primary storage compartments. The larger of the two includes a padded and reinforced sleeve thatis big enough for a PowerBook G4 or a MacBook Pro. An elastic cover slips over the top of your computer, and velcro tabs close off the sleeve making it difficult to see that you have a laptop when the bag is open.

Padded laptop and iPod pockets.

The primary compartment also has an iPod pocket that you can remove and attach to your belt. If you want to listen to some tunes while your iPod is in your bag, just slip your earbuds through the headphone slot near the zipper.

The front compartment has several organizer pockets - something I always like to see in a laptop bag. It also includes a removable key fob, which I consider essential in work bag.

The front compartment includes several organizer pockets.

The back is nicely padded with an air channel that runs down your spine, and the shoulder straps are comfortably padded, too. And the shoulder straps are curved to better fit the natural shape of your body, which is critical for a comfortable fit.

The quality of the bag stitching was good, and I saw reinforcements every place I expected them to be. On close inspection, however, I did see a few raw edges - meaning fabric edges that had not been doubled over before stitching to prevent fraying.

The back is well padded, and the shoulder straps curve to fit your body.

A tech bag isnit much fun if there arenit any bells and whistles, and the Evolution has a few of its own. First, there is a cell phone pocket on one of the shoulder straps. Next, t comes with a fold-away hip strap, which makes heavier loads more comfortable to carry. Finally, it has a couple weather proofing features like a rubberized zipper on the main compartment, and a built-in rain cover.

The rubberized zipper is a great feature because it helps keep rain out of the compartment your laptop is hiding in. I wish that the secondary compartment had a rubberized zipper, too. The rain cover stows away in its own compartment on the bottom of the bag, and stays attached with a strap so you wonit lose it. Check that strap: Itis has one of the unfinished edges I was talking about. Mine started to fray right away.

The Bottom Line
RadTechis Evolution is a comfortable and versatile laptop bag. It does a great job of hiding the fact that you are carrying an expensive laptop, and includes a nice assortment of organizer pockets. Even though I was bummed to find a couple raw edges, I still think this is a durable bag that will serve you well for years.

Product: Evolution

Company: RadTech

List Price: $109.95


Pros: Durable, comfortable, hides and protects your laptop. Built-in rain cover.
Cons: Some raw fabric edges.