Soldius 1

We live in an age of portable electronic devices, which is perfectly fine until you need to recharge one and there isnit a power outlet around. The Soldius 1 solar charger from mysoldius can get your devices back in business as long as you have sunlight and a little patience.

The Soldius 1 folds flat for easy storage. The unit I tested fits nicely in one of my computer bagis pockets, so itis out of the way but still close at hand. You can choose from a range of case colors to suit your taste, and it includes a big selection of adapter tips for devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, and Blackberry. And most importantly, it can charge your iPod.

The Soldius 1 includes several charger adapters.

If you arenit sure if the Soldius 1 will charge your device, the companyis compatibility Web page includes a long list of products. Unfortunately, the list is a bit out of date. The MP3 player list, for example, lists the iPod mini, iPod shuffle (first generation), iPod nano, and iPod U2 Edition. Devices that arenit listed on the compatibility page may still be chargeable if you get the right adapter.

The Soldius 1 connects to your iPod charging cable.

Be sure you know what devices you plan to charge before buying the Soldius 1. It is sold in three configurations: With cell phone adapters, with iPod adapters, or with both. Prices range from US$89.99 to $109.99, depending on which kit you buy.

Like any solar powered device, the Soldius 1 works great when direct sunlight is available. If itis overcast, however, you may not be able to charge anything. Without direct sunlight, I wasnit able to charge my iPod nano at all.

The solar panels are protected when the case is closed.

Charging times seemed reasonable. I was able to charge up a nearly fully drained iPod battery in about four hours. Charging a Sony-Ericsson T610 took forever, but I learned an important lesson: Shut off your cell phone before using a solar charger. It takes forever to charge if your phone is on.

The Bottom Line
The Soldius 1 is an easy to use pocket-sized solar charger. It is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, so thereis a good chance it is compatible with your gear - and interchangeable adapter tips means it wonit be obsolete next year. If you are looking for a fast recharge, however, go hunting for a wall outlet. This is a compact solar charger, so it takes time and direct sunlight for it to do its magic.

Product: Soldius 1

Company: mysoldius

List Price: $99.99

Vendor Price: $84.99


Pros: Compact, protects solar cells when closed, works with lots of devices.
Cons: Compatibility list is out of date, solar chargers need direct sunlight.