Zonet Portable External SATA Hard Drive Case

A leather covered hard drive case? Is this an oxymoron? The Zonet ZNS8021 Portable External SATA Hard Drive Case is really cool to look at, but the leather case cover made me skeptical of itis cooling abilities at first. However the unit surprised me. It was able to run several movie length media files directly from the hard drive and maintained a near room temperature the whole time.

A bonus for Apple lovers, it doesnit state it is Mac compatible, but it ran just fine with the latest version of Leopard Mac OS X 10.5.2.

Zonet ZNS8021 Hard Drive Case

The best thing about the Zonet is it comes with all the necessary tools and it is super easy to assemble. Even a beginner should be able to put it together quickly.

The down side is it requires two USB ports. For most portable notebook units this isnit very portable friendly. One of the USB ports provides power, the other is for information transfer. There is no external power source available at all.

The Bottom Line
Overall this product is great and I recommend it for anyone who wants a stylish and cool external hard drive case that is easy to use and assemble.

Product: Zonet ZNS8021 Portable External SATA Hard Drive Ca

Company: Zonet

List Price: $35


Pros: Easy to assemble, attractive unit, reasonable price, runs cool, one year warranty.
Cons: Requires two USB ports to operate.