A Look at Two Postcard Apps for the iPhone

Among the iPhone/iPod Touch apps on display at Macworld 2010 were two that are allow users to send colorful postcards to other iPhone and iPod Touch users as well as to anyone else with an email address.  For one of the apps that also extends to Twitter and Facebook.  Here is a look at what they offer.

Postage 2.3 by RogueSheep.

App Store Category:  Photography
Last Updated:  January 26, 2010
Languages:  English, Dutch, Italian, Swedish
Awards:  2009 Apple Design Award
Requirements:  iPhone and iPod touch.  Requires iPhone OS 3.0 >
Price:  $4.99;

Postage offers a number of stylish frames that vary from cute to dignified. The user searches through the offerings, selects a frame and clicks on the camera icon. At that point you are given the option of choosing a photo from your iPhoto library, taking a photo (iPhone), or pasting a photo from another source such as your desktop.

Then you may resize it, turn it, and/or change the effect, i.e., make it black and white, sepia, etc.

Once the photo is ready, the user is directed to write a (very) short message. Once entered, the font, style and color can be modified. When the message is complete it can be sent via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The postcard design remains in place so that you may send it to others if you wish. The option exists to change the message.

Postage Example

Postcard Express 1.1.0 from frog design, Inc.

App Store Category:  Travel
Last Updated:  November 13, 2009
Languages:  English
Requirements:  iPhone and iPod touch.  Requires iPhone OS 3.0
Price:  $1.99
URL: http://www.postcardexpressapp.com/

The primary feature of Postcard Express is that it looks like a real postcard, complete with a postage stamp. The stamp reflects the location of the sender and there are 5 versions that go from a street map to a world map.

This app works in landscape mode. With a click you select a photo from your iPhoto album or take a new photo (iPhone). Your photo is entered on the left side of your card and then you enter text on the right side, under the stamp area.

Once the text is entered you click next and you are directed to enter the email address of the recipient. There is a built-in subject line, but you can delete it and enter your own. Then hit send and your postcard is on its way. With this app the card also saves so you can send it to more than one recipient.

Postcard Express Example

The Bottom Line

At the higher price of $4.99 Postage offers a wide range of frames for your images, around 75 at this point. This number includes frames for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. Many of the frames tend to overwhelm the photos, but depending on the circumstances that may not matter. The app is easy and quick to use.

Postage Express, at $1.99 is more straight forward in its presentation. It is a postcard. The visual emphasis is on the picture and the text although I think the “stamp” is a very clever touch. It also is easy and quick to use.

For my personal use I plan to use both applications as I see them having their place for different functions. In particular I think I will play around with the idea of using them to advertise an upcoming meeting, substituting a meeting image for the photo.

Product: Postage, Postcard Express

Company: RogueSheep and frog design Inc.

List Price: $4.99, $1.99



Postage is easy and quick to use, offers 75+ picture frames and allows sender to send to email, Facebook and Twitter

Postcard Express is easy and quick to use, allows for larger picture area on postcard style presentation and includes “postage stamp”  Postcard is the least expensive of the two options.


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